We train the trainers while designing, prototyping & scaling solutions for the circular economy - linking top-sector stakeholders with the creative capacity of bottom-up initiatives

About Us

What is Organic Village?

We are a community of experts from academia, business, government and finance, serving as a platform for dedicated open innovation, rapid prototyping and implementation of change management strategies in the field of circular economy, resource recovery & valorization, and 0-waste & resilient systems engineering.

Let’s Play A Game

For us, innovation is a game that is fun, interactive and transparent. The beauty of games, is that they have the start, the story, the rules, the heroes, and the end. Only in our game, we create rules to create rules – whether in design, implementation or governance of the solutions; the heroes – are the creators, and the story is endless, because we design for resilience. We take the craziest and the most obvious ideas and test them against the reality. Best ideas survive and make it to the next level together with the community of heroes.

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Dedicated Innovation Platform & Trainings

YOU help us

… to solve complex problems and implement business cases of OUR partners and clients, by matching YOUR skills to the process of innovation. Here we help you to understand the complexity behind the real-time problems, and offer you a suite of tools that will enhance your creativity and validity of your solutions in the eyes […]

Let's Go!

WE help you

…to develop YOUR own business case from idea to prototype and scalable business, by matching OUR experts and solutions with your local network and by tailoring your own innovation platform and program. Here we help you to understand the problems behind a real-time complexity of a system and the algorithms for design of resilient solutions. […]

Let's Go!

Not sure where to start?

Schedule a call or coffee chat with Maxim to explore synergies and potentials for collaboration. Our intention is to connect top-down and bottom-up initiatives into a process of collaboration and implementation. Circular Economy goes beyond just water, materials and energy, it covers all aspects of our daily life; all the element that make it comfortable, […]

Let's Go!

Don't Forget to Innovate

The Market Gap

Why pursue this?

We see a potential growing gap of 320 Billion Euros in revenue from developing the Circular Economy projects. We have now tested it on the wastewater cycle – which could unlock another 140 Billion Euros alone. You could become the missing link in realizing this potential through replication of our business case and techniques.


Partners for International Business (PIB) ReCirc Singapore

Strategic Partners: HYS Enterprise, MK Subsidie Advies & Wageningen UR (Center of Value Creation, Circular Fashion Lab, YoungWUR)